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May 23rd

Live music. It makes even the most reserved non-smoker want a disposable lighter.

Always original, often impromptu and intentionally loose, live music in Door County is made perfect through its imperfections. Capable of turning an average afternoon or evening into a truly first-rate experience. And really, there are few better places to find some of the best local live music around than right here in Door County. From live bluegrass to jazz, eclectic to classic rock, we have something for just about everyone. No long lines. No big-city attitude. And not one mammoth parking garage for more than 112 miles (but who’s counting?). So come soak it in, order another round, and get genuinely, originally and wonderfully unplugged. Whether you want to get revved up or smoothed out, we’re ready to take your requests — right here in Door County.

Concerts in the Park – 5 Days a Week!