Door County Visitor Bureau– Season of Blossoms

Door County Wisconsin

Door County Visitor Bureau - Season of Blossoms

Season of Blossoms

April 11, 2015 – June 7, 2015

Journey to Door County from April 11th through June 7th, when the landscape comes alive with an abundance of bright, multicolored blossoms.

Celebrate Door County’s spring beauty and rich natural heritage with our Guide To Spring. The Door is open for your enjoyment and there’s plenty to do, from art classes to spring concerts to golf and winery tours.

Run (or watch) a half-marathon, plan a girlfriends’getaway or guys’fishing trip. Relax and refresh after the long winter, breathe in the spring air and enjoy spectacular sunsets all along the peninsula’s western coast. While you’re here, learn about the county’s unique maritime history. Stop by studios and galleries for local artists’open houses. Discover hidden treasures at outdoor fairs and markets. Enjoy county-wide celebrations, with entertainment for all. For a full list of events, click here. If you love blossoms you’ll love this time of year in Door County. Come explore the spectacular colors and sweet aromas of spring in our picturesque county!

Special Season of Blossoms Packages are available from April 11 — June 7th, 2015. Receive a $25 gift certificate with each package upon check-in.

What’s blooming, when?

From early spring to late fall, the enchanting Door County peninsula comes alive with a wide variety of beautiful blossoms. This chart highlights the blooming seasons of our most popular species. Because blooms are weather dependent, the dates given here are only approximate.

Door Countys natural environment is both beautiful and fragile. Some of the same geographic and geologic attributes that give the county its beauty are also responsible for its thin soils. In order to protect our delicate plant and animal life for the enjoyment of future generations, please do not pick the blossoms.