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Seasonal Reports – Door County, WI

The Door County Peninsula and Washington Island have a climate of their own. Being surrounded by water moderates our temperatures year round. It is not unusual for Door County weather radar images to indicate precipitation when the sun is shining. And, after all, even a rainy day in Door County is better than a sunny day anywhere else.


Average high and low temperatures (Fahrenheit) in spring are: March, 32-17; April, 49-33; May, 57-39. Early spring calls for winter dress outdoors with snow on the ground still likely. May warms up quickly and turns into summer by Memorial Day weekend.


Average high and low temperatures (Fahrenheit) in summer months are: June, 73-54; July, 82-63, August, 76-59. Shorts and T-shirts are called for during the day, with cool weather making for comfortable sleeping at night.


Average high and low temperatures (Fahrenheit) in fall months are: September, 71-51; October, 56-39; November, 46-34. Indian summer usually occurs in early to mid-September. Fall color watching usually is at its best in early to mid-October.


Average high and low temperatures (Fahrenheit) in winter months are: December, 39-22; January, 31-19; February, 33-19. Door County often has a white Christmas. With exception of a sporadic cold snap, winters tend to be fairly mild by upper Midwest standards.

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